What’s your vision?

Established in 2015, Two Buds Floral Artistry started their journey into the floral industry specializing in wedding and special event florals.  We love weddings and love to create pieces that tell your story and enhance your special day.

Our goal is to make sure that on your big day the flowers are exactly what you envisioned.  

What’s the Process?

Contact us to book a consultation or use our handy online scheduling tool to find a time that works best for you and your partner to come in and discuss your floral needs (and wants!).  

We will provide you with a personalized / custom quote along with images of the florals we are suggesting, or what we discussed during the consultation.

To book we take a 50% deposit, with the remainder due on pickup, delivery or the week of your wedding.


To receive a quote via email, please use the following form to send us more information on your event.

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How much do wedding flowers cost?

Prior to your consultation it is a good idea to go over your entire wedding budget and determine what you would like to put aside for floral.   As we guide you through the consultation, we don’t want to suggest flowers or product that will put you over your budget! Our process is completely custom (unless you go with one of our pre-set packages!) and we try our best to accommodate the given budget.  At Two Buds Floral Artistry, we truly believe that floral design is a creative art and as such you are paying for the artistic value and time that has been put into those designs. Putting together your bouquet is not as simple as just grabbing a few stems and tying it off with a pretty ribbon!  With that being stated, we are realistic and want to work with you AND your budget.

When should I book a consultation?

We recommend that you should start communicating with a florist between 4 and 10 months prior to your wedding date.  If you are super organized and love to plan way ahead, we definitely won’t turn you away! BUT, it is important to have a few things figured out before you come chat with us - date & venue confirmed,  general decor, theme and style confirmed, and your outfits picked out. Having these items confirmed allows us to guide you through the consultation, suggesting flowers and products that will enhance your wedding and truly make your vision come to fruition.

What if I am behind?  Can I make adjustments to my order?

Two Buds requires approximately 3 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure that if you are looking for a specific product we can get it in. This depends on the product you want, the season and the size of your order. This also applies to any adjustments to your order. If you have already booked an order with us, you have until 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date to make any major adjustments to your order.  This includes completely removing or adding product to your order. Minor adjustments can occur all the way up to the week of the wedding!!! Which may include the addition or removal of 1-2 pieces (i.e. adding/removing a boutonniere, confirming your centerpiece numbers once you get your RSVPs, etc.).

Do you have a contract?

We are pretty laid back and believe that this process shouldn’t stress you out.  Our policies are simple - to book we require a 50% non-refundable deposit, as mentioned above you can make adjustments to your order as outlined and we want you to see what you are getting prior to the big day.  We encourage you to pop by the studio the day before your wedding to come take a look at your products and pieces. Of course you may be super busy the day before with last minute running around and decorating - so we will send you pictures of the pieces if that’s what works best!

Do you provide mock-up or sample pieces?

Working with a perishable product means that we bring everything in the week of your wedding and you really don’t see the final product until the day before / the day of.  You can order a mock bouquet or sample product but at the same cost as the final product. As a retail florist we have to order our product with minimums and sometimes it’s just too much product to have to unload for a ‘sample’.  For example, if we order a specific variety of rose, we have to order a minimum of 25 stems - and if we are only using 10 stems in your bouquet, we have to sell the other 15 stems! This is why the relationship between you and your florist has to be one of trust - we are the professionals and we will do everything in our power to ensure that we are on the same page with you.  Our detailed quotes allow you to ensure that we are on the right track - and if you ever have doubts, we want you to come in and chat again - however many times it takes to get it right!

What if the flowers are different from what we discussed?

Nature happens - when dealing with a perishable product anything can happen!  Sometimes the product doesn’t come in the perfect tone, condition or AT ALL (every florist’s nightmare)!  Trust that we will always try our best to make sure you are getting what we discussed. In the event that a product is not available, we will maintain the integrity of the pieces as discussed.  Sometimes this means that we may have to substitute product, but trust that we will create your pieces with the same style and colour palette as discussed - we ultimately will do everything possible to make sure that you are happy!